What are the best fashion blogs [Fashionable]5/17/2013 9:44:10 AM
What are the best fashion blogs I must say its quite amazing to have been asked to answer this question because I am in the process of creating a new venture that goes to the heart of the question. I hope it OK to broaden the question in my answer to include social media and fashion and not just restrict the answer to blogging. I will explain. The answers below are a litany of the some of the best fashion blogs so adding to the list would be a repeat of the many fine answers. As someone primarily interested in Emerging Designers and helping them gain traction I came to the conclusion blogs and only blogs were insufficient. Perhaps some other entrepreneur will one day create an a way to curate and index these blogs so that anyone interested in all the many kinds of fashion can be easily sorted and answers found. For my project I found no such engine to exist leaving Emerging Designers to be stumbled upon while going to hundreds of blogs. I can for obvious reasons go into all the details. But I can provide some. Without question blogs are a critical aspect to fashion marketing. But they are by no means a complete answer. All you need to do is look at the outstanding success Luxury fashion brands have had marketing with their lavish TV spots to see that videos are a critical, maybe the most critical, way to really see fashion other than going through all of a designers clothing lines as they roll out at Fashion Weeks around the world. Being a media person I am not pretending I can pick the best of the best of emerging fashion designers so I am partnering with an established institution known for breaking new designers. I am supplying the media aspect. It is my hope (and plan) to expedite the process through creating a curated array of inter-locking points of distribution that provide fashionistas with a way to navigate this world and maybe discover a designer they have yet to become familiar with. A broader answer but I hope it helps you. Sheri Herman

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